Mother of Reinvention: New Pages

Hello Sparrows!*
Just popping in with a few of this week's art journal entries. For the next few weeks I'm focusing on making entries that use Mary Queen of Heaven as modern Goddess--she is ripe for reinvention! To me she represents comfort, safety and infinite empathy...something we could all use a little more of. :)

[Text Reads: "Dear Goddess--You psychedelic
mushroom cloud at the center of all our brains..."]

I'm letting this theme spill over into my current painting work as well--I can't wait to show you! Pictures to come soonly! On an exciting side note, my entries to my university's first annual juried painting show were accepted! My paintings--in a real gallery--on Milwaukee's gallery night! Squee!

Whatever will I wear??

What sort of shenanigans are you up to, my pretties?
Until Next Time--
Much Joy and Merry Making!~*


faerwillow said...

~how WONDERFUL for you...what an OPPORTUNITY...a GALLERY...you must be beyond yourself with excitement...congrats...may it be an evening to remember...l♥♥♥ve your 2nd painting...and delighted always to see your art...divine indeed...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Shell said...

Happy Happy for your entry into the juried show. You should wear something that makes you feel as fab as you are. Happy New Moon.


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