Sacred Sunday New Moon Cleansing

Merry New Moon, Cherubs!*
Miss Suzie sweetly organized a group cleanse for us this month to stir up our surroundings, welcome in spring and send the funkatude PACKING. Without further ado, may I present a Sacred Sunday New Moon Cleansing in words and pictures...but mostly pictures. :)

A white candle burning and a bright bouquet--

Stones and wearables being loved by salt and sun--

Open windows sucking the stale out and sending the sweet in--

A Kwan Yin art journal page: compassionate and collected--

A Super Hit of Run Devil Run incense--

And a sage smoke shower for me. :)


Shell said...

You did major cleaning. Love the pictures showing all you have done too.

magicalmusings said...

I love that Kwan Yin page! And the other new moon cleansing photos too. :) I think I need to get into a saltwater bath soon myself.

Bohemian Single Mom said...

awesome inspiring pics!!!
I really need to get it done in my place :)


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