Full Moon Dreaming: The Lady Fox

Merry Full Moon, Crumpets!*
This springtime Moon snuck up on me--truly. This cycle I'm trying to funnel my energies into a focus, a direction. I'll be honest--blogheart to blogheart--I've been panicking. I have one semester of school left before I graduate, lose my job and am catapulted into the Big Bad World. I'm being bombarded from every direction with Doom: "The economy is terrible. Things will never be the same." "Why would you go to art school? What are you going to do with that?" "I'm clinging to Jesus, American's losing jobs is a sign of the end times." "Well, good thing you have a boyfriend, at least you won't starve."

The "boyfriend" comment is my favorite to date. :)

Though I am unwilling to subscribe to the defeatist End of Days theory, I do fret about where the heck I'm going to wind up after I earn my degree.

-Story Time-
I had an interesting dream a few nights ago after spending hours mulling and worrying: I was walking in an alley late at night, there was a low fog crawling around when a red fox walked up to me. She had big yellow eyes and in a ladies voice she said,
"you know where to go."

We talked for a while and though I can't recall the entire conversation I do remember waking up grinning.

This month's dream board is devoted to Exploring Options, being open to opportunities, fiercely focusing on finishing the work that needs to be done and allowing myself to be gently guided in the Right Direction.

What are your intentions?
Wish Wildly and Wide-ly, My Pretties!
Until Next Time--
Much Joy and Merry Making!


Jamie Ridler said...

What a beautiful affirmation to guide you on your way. You have all you need. This journey is for you. May all of your dreams come true, Molly baby.

Courtney said...

What a beautiful dream and dreamboard. Best of luck with your semester. I can't wait to see what opportunities come your way.

Rochelle said...

Beautiful dreamboard and I must admit I am envious of your dream. I never have those message dreams delivered by animal totems - I'm usually naked some place I shouldn't be! ;-> I have no doubt that you will be able to find your happy niche in the work world.

sherrileigh said...

It must be scary to be on the verge of graduation with all those naysayers forecasting your doom. Walk confidently and shine on. Economic downturn or not, your life will be beautiful.

The compass image in your dreamboard is stunning!

Shell said...

The advice you got from The Fox in your dream is wonderful and right.
You stay focused on your dreams and keep going. Happy Full Moon.

Kara aka Mother Henna said...

Lovely lovely! It is one of my favorite things to make heART from dreams -- beautiful!
May the full worm moon be full of opportunity for you!

Lisa said...

Wow, wow, WOW! Your dreamboard is beautiful and mystical and elegant.... I'd love to hang it on my wall! : ) And your dream.... isn't it wonderful how our dreams reveal so much? You have a courageous spirit that will on doubt inspire you to shine!

Beverley Baird said...

What a beautiful dreamboard! The dream was very potent! The fox is quite a symbol to use! May all your dreams come true!

Helen said...

What an amazing dream. All the best to you and your dreams!


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