Full Moon Dream Board: Present!

Merry Full Moon, Cherubs!*
One Question: Where the hell did February go? The last few wintry weeks have been a blur! How serendipitous that the Full Moon and Switch Off Sunday coincided so beautifully--time to sip coffee and set intentions. This cycle, my Full Moon my focus is to Be Present.

I've been swimming around in my head a lot lately--and my arms are getting tired. I'm doing a LOT but not getting anything done, food isn't nourishment it's a nuisance and conversations escape me because while Body is slouching in the chair Brain is off in another dimension worrying nit-wit worries.

*Gentle Slap from The Universe*
"Step out of the echo chamber, Lady!"

This cycle I intend to get hip to the Here and Now.
Use my hands, feel my face,
feed it real food and wear silly stockings.
Be my body's new best friend.
Get on the boat to Lucidity City.
they're all the rage in Europe.
Count clouds. Study the Cards.
Be grounded--
every step a little kiss to Mama Gaia.

And kisses to all of you! Until Next Time, dearies--
Much Joy and Merry Making!


Genie Sea said...

May all your intentions find nurturing roots and ethereal wings, Molly! :)

Sacred Discovery said...

That is one powerful lady on your dreamboard! May you be fully present in all you do :)

Jamie Ridler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jamie Ridler said...

Here's to your dreams. May they kiss the here and now.

Lisa said...

How beautifully whimsical and enchanting.... Many blessings to you as you step into being fully present with whatever is in front of you!

Helen said...

Your dreamboard looks like one of the cards someone might study, the Lady Magician? May all your dreams come true!

Anna said...

May your dreams come true in the here and now.

Much love.

jennlui said...

word! february was a haze, time to get grounded and in the now! may all your dreams come true!!!


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