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Hello, Snapdragons!*
It has been a busy string of days at apartment #5: artmaking, class going, work working and of course, chaos in the best ways possible. Thusly, this post will be a bit ragtag and short on theme. SO without further ado, bring on the randomocity!

I've been glued to the computer during the evenings working on pieces for my illustration class. And truth be told--I'm struggling! I am a painter, not a mouse clicker. The whole approach feels foreign and clunky to me, but I'm practicing! Here are a few peeks of my early attempts at digital work:

Aaaah ((contented sigh.)) A clean studio, is a happy studio. (If you can call a closet a studio. And I am.) No longer are you a pit for school clutter and paper rubbish, my sweet.

In other artsy fartsy news, if you haven't already checked it out I would highly recommend stopping at this blog for a cup of tea and visual respite. My dear friend and exquisite Chicago photographer, Julie Lynn Ivens has a beautiful collection of works inspired by nature, wild women and other blissings. Plus, she's a total cupcake. Go visit. Really. You're gonna love her.

Whilst I'm plugging, I would also recommend this freakin' juicy gorgeous meditation by Goddess Leonie. I just started it this week and I can't shut up about it. The meditation is elegantly paced and beautifully performed by our favorite Aussie Goddess. Heck--this amazing woman could sing-read me a grocery list and I'd feel euphoric.

I discovered an excellent book snooping about at the library last week wondering where the heck they moved the Conjure and HooDoo selections, Special Topics In Tarot: Tarot & Dream Interpretation by Julie Gillentine. Though I am a total novice to tarot and this book is geared toward more advanced interpreting techniques, I am loving it! Great layout, clear writing, interesting ideas and most importantly it's helping me further familiarize myself with my deck and suggests great, simple ways to integrate tarot into your daily routine. Hooray Books!

Now, I'm off for the weekend to visit my parental units, eat all their food and plug away on a painting assignment. I'm looking forward to a few days of low key lazing about and re-juicing. Wishing all of you a refreshing, rejuvenating weekend!

Until Next Time--
Much Joy and Merry Making!


Julie Lynn Ivens said...

thank you so much Molly! you rock! you can ask Jeff, when I saw this I was clapping gleefully. you made my day! :)

Julie Lynn Ivens said...

And I'm loving your digital art, too, keep at it!

Shell said...

I always enjoy when you pop in to do a post. The way I learned Tarot. Was doing a card of the day then keeping a tarot journal. I got to know each card and vibe with what they mean.
If you need any Tarot tips, let me know, I be happy to share some with you.

Dream With the Fishes said...

Oh how I missed your posts! It's good to be back. You are just a total natural with any artistic technique, even of you've just begun laying your hands on it. These digital collages are gorgeous!!! I WISH my workspace looked like that, felt that fresh and clean! I can feel the clean, flowing fresh energy right through the computer. Love Goddess Leonie! She's an true earth angel. I've got to check out that meditation. It was great to see you again! **** Blessings **** Serena

Dia said...

ooo la la~!! what a beautiful studio!! & of course a *closet* can be a studio - would you come spiff my space up, pretty please??
Love the digital art, too!!


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