Very Merry UnDrawing!

Hello Dumplings!*
I have a confession to make--my name is Molly and I'm afraid of making anything ugly. Though I am grateful for the art school experience that has trained my hands to edit, Edit and re-edit until a piece is nothing more than pulp--it has instilled a fear in me. I have recently found myself unable to doodle on napkins or grocery lists, because the results may be less than stellar, the variation of line quality shotty or the proportions imperfect .

My academic art making is very systematic: idea hatch, mind map, sketch, re-sketch, research, re-re-sketch, more research, take reference photos, scrutinize visual resources, plot, grid, execute. I've reached a standstill in which without the preparatory pomp, I am paralyzed and can't pick up a pen and go!

This silliness can not stand. In order to rectify it, I have decided to take some time to unlearn.

I am UnDrawing.

I'm art journaling in a found book with the intent of working intuitively aka Willynilly! I will not wrack my brains over composition or realistic representations of depth or traditional western space or art historical references or blabbity blah blah BLAH. If it's ucky--that's too damn bad! I'm remembering how much I like Making. Sharpies and magazine bits make Molly a happy human. I plan on filling every one of the 280 pages with UnDrawings...

...Very Merry UnDrawings. :)

Until Next Time--
Much Joy and Merry Making!


faerwillow said...

~to drawing and Undrawing...they are all so beautiful...the last one is my favorite...may you continue to be inspired and create without inhibitions...you've got quite a talent there little lady! brightest blessings~

todayandeveryday said...

I just think that is super. I think it is super that you picked up on the whole thing to begin with and that you are taking it it the next level to make it better for yourself. You deserve a pat on the back. I can't imagine your brain or hands creating anything BUT beautifulness, anyway.

Anna said...

Wonderful idea! Love, love, love the idea and intention.

Much merriness in your undrawing! Perhaps I could do the same with oboe reeds? Maybe?

Shell said...

I love your undrawings. We have to break out of our class teachings and go wild to get back to our personal styles. Hope you post more.

Bohemian Single Mom said...

Oh Molly this post ROCKS!!
And even your "undrawings" are fabulous!!
I love what you've written here though, I have an art journal that I was determined to start "playing in" on Jan.1st. So far - nothing. Too afraid of making something not worthy, embarrassing or UN-artsy!
I'm going to take your advice, and join you in this adventure!

Cheers to willy-nilly!!!!!

Dia said...

Gosh, yes!! These are beautiful - & it's great to make that decision & take the steps to manifest!
I played a bit at the paint wall @ playschool yesterday - made kind of balloon people & lots of squiggles :) Here's to undrawing, drawing, creative EXPRESSION!

Julie Lynn Ivens said...

I absolutely love the "Sight" drawing on the bottom. It's awesome. :)


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