Molly's Whizbang Sanctuary Super Cleanse

Hello Cherubs!*
Happy New Moon! In response to an email inquiry about space cleansing, this post is a diary of my own personal cleansing ritual. As a solitary urban practitioner... or gypsy... or witchybird whatever you'd like to call it, I don't always have the benefit of strolling through tree cathedrals or stowing away to quiet meadows to do work. That being said, housework is a major part of my personal ritual--but you won't find this business in Martha Stewart Magazine! So without further ado may I present:

Molly's Whizbang Sanctuary Super Cleanse
Firstly, I like to thoroughly sweep of the entire apartment, getting rid of dust cattle, cat hair tumble weeds and cobwebs. While doing this I like to visualize that all the junk I'm sweeping into that pan is stale energy and negative gunk. Once it's all in the pan--out the door and off the balcony it goes! I like to blow it a little kiss goodbye...

While I'm sweeping I have some floor wash cooking on the stove. This recipe is a variation on a HooDoo floor wash designed to protect and bless the home. (This version is pet safe, as I have kittens that must walk about bare footed...)

Heat up about a half gallon of water on the stove and throw in a heaping tablespoon of lavender, rosemary, sea salt, lemon juice and a gentle dish soap. Resist the urge to drink it, as it smells DIVINE. Then with a rag or a mop wash from one end of the house to the other working towards the main entrance.

After the floors are squeaky clean, I like to light candles in every room. Fire is a time tested cleanser, and during the winter there are few things more lovely than a flickering wick. This is usually the time of month that I take a moment to trim the wicks of my candles and remove excess wax to keep them burning cleanly.

I then work through the house with bells and a broom, asking as politely as any good midwestern girl would that any Crap (useless negative jargon, illness, frustration, pains, etc.) lurking around the house to "GET-gettin!" and not let the door hit it on the way out. "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!" I like to imagine it as greyish-foggy-cobwebby-fluffy-filth that slinks out through the crack under the door. After the Crap has made it's exit, I continue through the house with a burning sage smudge and salty water asking that the space be cleansed and that Goodness' Presence be felt there.

After the entire space is smudged, I work through the apartment with a candle and incense (sometimes I hold a little pocket mirror if I feel like I need to ward something off, or extra oomf) and spend some time thinking about my intention for the space, whether it be restful or inspiring or comforting. I like to imagine the entire space being flooded with a peaceful dewy--even twinkling-- light. In finishing I ask that all who enter the space be Protected and Blessed by Mama Goddess.

Blessed Be. :)

And there you have it, Molly's Whizbang Sanctuary Super Cleanse!
How do You cleanse and clear your spaces, my pretties?

Until Next Time~
Much Joy, Merry Making!


Bohemian Single Mom said...

Oh Molly - I freakin LOVE this post!! What an awesome chickie you are! Your whizbang-sanctuary-super-cleanse is totally fabulous, and I hope you don't mind if I copy your ideas!! Way to tell that negative energy!!
And I adore every single picture~
Happy New Moon!!!

Dia said...

Me too, me too!! I love it & am definatly lifting some ideas!!
If I could only find the floor (lol) to sweep through - & your floor wash WOULD smell heavenly!! How delightful - want to come clean here?? OK, I really AM working on it!!
Hmm - bet that solution would be good to 'spritz' & spot clean the car *new to me* car "Aura/Oira" (was my daughter's & they call it the 'stinky car,' as something spilled . . . )

faerwillow said...

~whizbang...thats great! what a beautiful inspiring post you wrote...and yes, your floor wash does sound quite enticing minus the soap : ) will have to try...best wishes...brightest belssings and happy new moon..

Genie Sea said...

I'm in the whizbag! Guess who will be following your lead this weekend? Yes! Moi! :) Thank you Molliffic! :)

Barbara/myth maker said...

Now THAT'S a super cleanse!!

Shell said...

This is great, Miss Molly.
That floor wash I know makes the whole place smell fresh. I may do this myself today. Thanks for the

Domestic Witch said...

Wow you are my favorite new blog!! Thank you!

todayandeveryday said...

I think a lot of people are gonna have super cleansed homes this weekend and the air will be filled with fluffy crap trying to find new residence. You crack me up.
My cleansing rituals are much the same only --- well, I tend to like cobwebs. Weird? perhaps, but I let a few stick around cause them make me feel protected, like the spidies are doing their job.
Have a wonderful weekend, my sweet.


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