Turpentine Breakfast: Long Black Veil + New Oil Work

Hello Kittens!*
Three days and I'm D-O-N-E, DONE for the semester. Here's a quick peek what's currently cooking in the chaos that is apartment #5:

"The Hangover" Self portrait oil on canvas

Assembling my "Long Black Veil" book...

An in progress night-scape for Figure Painting--
a few more layers and this puppy is ready for critique.
If I decide to keep it, I'm thinking of titling it, "The Ocean of Noise"...

The beginnings of a new painting I started this evening--"Ophelia".

Getting a greyscale preparatory painting down and
laying in some background under painting...

The first layer is done--waiting for this beastie to dry so
I can dig in right away and get glazing when I get up--
Art Breakfast!

Nothing quite like the smell of coffee and turpentine in the morning. :)

Until Next Time~
Much Joy, Merry Making!


Barbara/myth maker said...

Your paintings are amazing.

Anna said...

The hangover is very life like. I believe we have shared a few mornings as such. :)

Shell said...

I know I keep saying this, your work is amazing, Miss Molly.

Julie Lynn Ivens said...

I love seeing the progression of Ophelia!


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