Solo Soulstice Party:

Happy Solstice, Gumdrops!*
There are a few stray snow flakes m e a n d e r i n g down and I am having a solstice party for one: hot coffee in my favorite lumpy mug, spicy cinnamon candles burning, noshing on chocolate almonds my sweetie sister gave me as a "semester survival" gift and savoring the quiet that has finally settled in the apartment.
my closet altar.

Won't you join me in a deeply refreshing
and audible sigh of relief?

A h h h h h h....

Now that I've had a few moments to marinate and a good night's sleep, I feel pretty good about what I managed to accomplish this semester and this year really. Pretty DARN good come to think of it. I was initially a bit bummed that I fell out of my routine of regular meditation, personal ritual, smart eating and Dream sleeping which as a result has left me feeling a little dried out and off kilter. But then I decided that really, this semester and the series of goddess works were a different kind of devotion-- Energy as Offering. Here's what's been cooking:

Bast: The Slayer 30"x40" Oil on Canvas
Click for larger image

Bast is finished! Well, mostly finished. Finished until I decide I need to rework parts of her face. I'm also debating how I'd like to house her as a shrine. I'd like to make reference to her bizarre dualities as a ruthless slayer of men and deity of perfumes and other prettiness. Any thoughts, blogosphere? I am open to suggestions!

Aphrodite 22"x40" Mixed Media
The Aphrodite Shrine is complete--8 zillion sequins, bottle caps, pearls and glittered bits later! She suffered a little damage in transit, however it's an easy fix. She's going to become a night light in the parlor...

Ophelia 18"x24" Oil on canvas
Here's Ophelia in her present state--completed her just in time! (She was still wet for critique. Eep!) I'd like to apply a few more layers of green to intensify the depth of the water/mystery liquid she's steeping in. More pictures to come--I'll be sure to post new works as I document them. :)

And now, sugar plums, it's time to hibernate, enjoy winter, visit my long lost gal pals, drink homemade wine with the family and let the creative juices replenish and ***percolate***. What are you doing to treat your creative juices these days, my dears?

Until Next Time--
Much Joy and Merry Solstice!~*


Shell said...

Your paintings are truly offerings to the divine. They resonate with power, strength and beauty.
I do hope your enjoy your solstice party for one!!
I love your closet altar, too.
If you want to use Bast as a shrine, you can put her in something that is sparkly and glittery with a black background behind her. These thought
just came to me.

Barbara/myth maker said...

I'm in awe of the work you're doing.

Bohemian Single Mom said...

Joining you in the Ahhhhhhh.....yeah, feels much better.

Love your altar pic, LOVE your artwork - you are freakin amazingly talented, you know that?

Merry Happy Solstice for one girlfriend!!!
I pretty much hung out with my hatchling tonight doing some baking and trying to "force my hippie ways on her".


Julie Lynn Ivens said...

homemade wine sounds incredible! yum!!

faerwillow said...

i love OPHELIA and your painting takes my breath away...creates of feeling that draws you in...i can hardly wait to see what this new year brings forth in all you create...brightest blessings~


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