Full Moon Dream Board: Resources

Merry Full Moon, My Pretties!*
Holy moly this cycle went past in a FLASH! It's that time to peer out the windows and make our full Moon wishes! This month my dream board addresses my need for FoCuS! I'm cooking up some big projects, particularly the planning of a Halloween themed gallery and performance event--"Massacreade: The Curious. The Marvelous. The Macabre" on which I am collaborating on with all sorts of fabulous folk. It's a dream project: vampire fashion, spooky art exhibition, The Famous Graves performing with special guests...essentially throwing a publicized evening of mayhem with every wickedly cool and talented person I know. The school year also started PeTal tO tHe MeTaL on wednesday and I'm up to my unkempt eyebrows in books, studio supply lists and project deadlines.

On This Full Moon I Wish For
success in my projects--
a splendid tidal-wave-turn out and a flow beauteous artworks!
The Focus to get the job done right the first time!
The Resources to pull it all off and make it look breezy!
And joy to make the experience pleasant,
worthwhile, and memorable for all involved!

Here's to a New rabbit hole!
What will you wish for, my dears?
Wish Wild! Wish Boldly!

Until Next time--
Many Blissings and Merry Making~*


Shell said...

Happy Full Moon, my friend. I wish all of that and more for you. I made a simple wish just to be happy and enjoy the best of life. Your Halloween gallery and performance sounds fab.

Holly said...

The fullest of blessings peeping down on your from the moon shadows that are so bright outside that my dogs were a bit spooked when they went out.

I adore coming to visit you. Your visuals are always so captivating and engaging. I love it here.

The Other Laura said...

Such abundance in your dreamboard. Beautiful!

Jamie Ridler said...

May all of your wishes come true.

What a truly delicious event you have up your sleeve! I wish I could come and play.

Lisa said...

How outrageously magical!!!! Many blessings to you as you continue to shine and as your dreams unfold!

Deldino said...

what a magical, sparkly, shiny dreamboard!

Melita said...

gorgeous dreamboard. i hope all of your dreams become realities. can't wait for my first pomegranate too!! :)

Miss Becky said...

you are fun! I want to attend your Halloween gallery performance/show ~ it sounds like a ripping good time! your dreamboard is so very lovely and creative, and just...lovely. may your wishes come true

Tess said...

Gorgeous dreamboard, and I'm enjoying your blog.

soularchitect said...

Holy gorgeousness! I like the simplicity of the POWER WORDS you chose for the month ahead. Many blessings to you!

Genie Sea said...

As Molly wishes for herself and her abundant projects, so I wish for her also!

I want to live vicariously through you! :)


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