Summer Sanctuary: Cabin In The Woods

*Last week I enjoyed a three-day-long holiday with my family at the cozy cabin home of my Muffin's family! Both the company and the scenery were the best a girl could ask for. I adore the northern parts of Wisconsin: the landscapes, the wildlife, the flora and the weather. It was a treat to be whisked away from over-stuffed-in boxes and screaming city busses to a place where you can ACTUALLY see stars, the soil is loose and sandy and between loon songs you can hear a pin drop. We spent time with our toes in the lake sipping strong coffee and watching a muggy summer moon-rise. And most importantly--there was space to just Be. Here are a few images from my recharge weekend:

"The Dirt Smells Good Here..."

I can't wait to go back in the fall to watch the leaves change before everything in the woods tucks in for winter. Now dearies tell me; where is your hideaway?

Until Next Time--

Much Joy & Merry Making!~*


June said...

Wow what stunning scenery and photographs. I am glad you had such a wonderful time and it looks so beautiful there
hugs June x

Shell said...

A beautiful and pretty place. It must be incredible to be there when there is a full moon.
One of my hideaway is a small grove of trees about ten minutes away from me. It's right across the street from a big park. I love that place. Need to go there since some of my tree friends were cleared away after a bad storm.

Holly said...

Oh, how beautiful it is and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing them. I want to walk down that red road. I want to hear a loon. I want to see it. I'm so very glad you did.

WrightStuff said...

Ooh looks lovely and is getting me all excited ready for my holiday which starts tomorrow. A week in beautiful Cornwall by the sea.
That picture of the creeping roots is very magical - are they about to reach out and grab do you think?

Bohemian Single Mom said...

Oh wow! Such gorgeous pics. So organic!
I know what you mean...whenever I go far north of here, it just smells different - the air feels different and the dirt smells soooooo good!

Dia said...

How wonderfully beautiful!!
In the mid 90s I drove across the country with a friend, & found the scenery similar to Oregon around the great lakes!!

Seeing your GEORGEOUS photos makes me so happy I'll be in the mountains (Breitenbush Hot Springs) in a few weeks!

Hugs xoxo

3rdEyeMuse said...

wow ... I wish I could call that place my retreat. :) it actually looks like the dirt would smell good ... and the air, too. Your photo's are stunning.

since I'm way south, the beach. definitely the beach. though I really, really miss woods like those.


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