Down The Rabbit Hole: Gallery Success Story

Hello Darlings!*
No, I haven't fallen down a rabbit hole--in fact something much stranger. The last few weeks have been...interesting, to say the least: dealing with confidant turned relentless stalker, stepping away from a scam, salvaging a gallery event gone awry, evenings of "Bettie Paige" martinis, wandering around the city at night, meeting a pin up model, some good old fashioned HooDoo, participating in a pagan dance party dressed as a vampire, singing for strangers, planning a new shebang and coping with a little heartache.

But, I have returned to the blogosphere with new experiences: some good, some bad, and some too weird to even begin to explain. But enough of that business! Here's a few peeky peeks into what kind of shenanigans has been going on in and around Apartment #5!

My big sister Anna and I all dolled up for A Glamorous Gallery Night. Last weekend was A Glamorous Gallery Night and The Famous Graves' debut performance as a jazz combo--which couldn't have gone better! The crowd responded beautifully and we've never played better. The event was well attended, everyone was VERY glamorous, the artists found it to be a positive experience and most importantly--we ran out of beer! :) Thank you to all you lovlies who helped me wishcast for the success of the event! My dearest friend Miss Kelly standing next to her beautiful work! Since I've been consumed by event planning and all the other BS that inevitably follows I haven't had much opportunity to make new work. I am SO excited--itching in fact--to get my roots back in my studio floor and paste under my fingernails! I'm working on the begining stages of a new goddess painting--Bast!

I've also been snapping pictures around town for a new artist book I'm working on that consists of stinky-stained-dumpster-doomed-matresses. Once it is bound in its tufted cover, it should be delightfully icky.

Needless to say the last weeks--heck, MONTHS have been both immensly draining and yet somehow enlightening. The learning curve has been steep. So what now?


I plan on doing so with copious amounts of real food, dream journaling, paint therapy and flitting about the blogosphere catching up with my cyber muses! Now I am dieing to know--what has your rabbit hole been like?

Until next time--

Much Joy and Merry Making!


Sheila said...

So happy to see you back posting - have missed you! I have a brand new, 2d bloghome in the pursuit of unleashing my authentic creative self at http://studiolakeside.blogspot.com/ planning to launch a new feature tomorrow. Watch for it, coming soon - TA DA! TUESDAY

Shell said...

I so agree with Sheila. You have been missed Molly. You and your sister look fab. Love to hear The Famous Graves' perform, maybe you can do a videotape a performance.
Sounds like you been having mad adventures and seriously that is what life should be like.

DAWN said...

Very delightful to see you back in action in blogland. You have been missed, my dear. Your Glamorous Gallery Night looked like a hoot! what fun you ladies must have had. Please please regale us with more of your topsy turvey trippiness--- we beg you.

Dia said...

thanks for sharing these lovely photos! Whoo whoo!! You look (& I'm sure SOUND) delightful!
Sorry about the stalking - hope that's under control! Yuck
be well


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