Gallery Night + New Goddess

Hello Puddings!*

Oh- so- much has been happening here at apartment #5! Here's the whirlwind tour: I've been bzzzz-buzzing around town here and there in preperation for the "Glamorous Gallery Night" event I was asked to style. It's been quite the coaster ride between venue changes, committee shifts and indecisive entertainers-- but with only 20 days to go things are looking very glamorous indeed! My partner and I have been up to our eyebrows in iridescent tulle, collapsable chandeliers, miles and miles of To Do lists and frantic inbox exchanges in an effort to throw Milwaukee one hell of a party! Here's the promo clip for the event!

The Famous Graves have also been kicked into high gear, rehearsing Billie Holliday tunes in my sweltering apartment. Things are coming together! Exciting, exciting indeed...
I've been smudging and smooshing charcoal about the studio while working on a life size self portrait-ish. I've always wanted to to a Nyx piece, I think that's the direction this work is headed. Lots of work to go yet, but fun to get grimy again...I also have plans...BIG plans for this canvas! Can't wait to show you as it progresses.

*In other News...
In the very near future, HerSpeak will be the home of Creative Gravy Meditations! Hooray! I've been tinkering with a few guided video meditations designed to get your creative juices flowing--because as you know, at HerSpeak, we're all about the juice. :)

Speaking of which, what are you doing
for your juices these days? Do tell!

Until Next Time--
Much Joy and Merry Making!


Sheila said...

I get to decorate for an on again, off again, on again - now contracted location secured 40th birthday bash for a dear friend. Where did you find a cost effective source for glimmer tulle, I wonder?????

Hope your event is FAB-U-LOUS! It sounds so enticingly FUN!

Shell said...

I liked the video. I hope you put up a vid of you and your band, so I can hear you sing some Billie Holliday.

I'm feeling the self-painting and looking forward to the other one and those meditations. We all need to keep our juices flowing.

You have been flying with your creativity. It all looks good, Miss Molly.

Anna said...


Smooches! See you at rehearsal.

3rdEyeMuse said...

talk about a whole lot of goodness! I'm lovin the self portrait-ish piece & look forward to seeing what's going to happen to that huge piece of canvas. :)


Genie Sea said...

WOW! This event looks FAB! I wish I could attend. Such creative frenzy and explosion of fantasticness! :)

Dia said...

Love the self-portrait!! THe giging sounds fun - I'm playing harp for a downtown event this Fri - & darn it, a string broke today! Always takes a few days to stretch into tune!! Sigh . . . . hugs!
enjoy the little angel muses, too :)

This Guy said...

Wow! I can't wait to see what you make of that Canvas! All your creations are SO beautiful!

This Guy said...
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