The Most Wonderful Dream

Hello DearHearts~
It's been an UP DOWN UP DOWN wonky tonk week--meetings, rehearsals, work, crazy dreams, an apartment purge and a roadtrip to the Twin Cities! I plan to take the rest of this week to hibernate, rejuvenate and update. I feel similar to a deflated spit filled balloon at this point: very busy but not particularly productive. A spot of Molly Time is in order. I've been slowly but surely been documenting work and preping surfaces for new summer time painting projects. And finally, FINALLY, I have the completed fibers projects documented. Huzzah! Here She Be!

"...the most wonderful dream..."
paper rope, yarn, cut papers, cheese cloth, glass beads

"By employing the natural tendencies of the materials and borrowed references from origin myths, I have chosen to illustrate my own fabricated creation story. According to Australian aboriginal myth, The Dream Time was an amorphous period prior to the creation of the cosmos. It was a time of incubation, great energy and divinity. I chose to use the spiral for its symbolic associations with beginnings, growth, continuation and infinity. The central figure represents a sleeping goddess, whose posture alludes to infancy, as she dreams the universe into existence one tendril at a time. The swirling shapes are reminiscent of plant roots, cobwebs, and organic matter with references to unrefined growth and naturally occurring materials that are simultaneously in a state of expansion and decay."


"Hecate's Veil"
Cotton cloth, cheese cloth, dye, glass beads, sequins, bells, found objects

The veil on its wig stand.

The veil in action.

"The Greek goddess Hecate was a mysterious deity whose realms included all things dark and strange. She was called “Queen of The Night”, the Dark Moon and Keeper of Witches. Her subjects included sleeping dreamers and the wandering spirits of the deceased. Though she watched over the dead, she is not a bringer of death, but instead called upon to ease pain, help in passing on into the next world or insight in making decisions. Because of her incredible powers of foresight, she was credited with bringing mortals information in the form of prophetic dreams. It was said she could part the Veil of Time to reveal messages to those who appeased her. This piece draws upon the goddess’s bizarre and unsettling nature by using a subdued pallet juxtaposed against bits of sparkling materials reminiscent of dew and cobwebs. In making this work, the artist’s objective was to create a garment that might be worn by the goddess, a priestess performing a rite in Her honor or an Oracle inspired by Hecate’s wisdom. The viewer is invited to wear the piece and experience its textures, sounds and smells in a more intimate way. "

Silly process story: I wanted this project to be interactive and I thought it was important for this garment to have a particular smell. So, I rounded up a sage bundle and some bay leaves and built a little hot house for the veil to rest in while I burned some herbs to give it just the right earthy funk. Now normally, a sage smudge only burns for a few seconds before going out...normally. I walked away from the project to go stir a dye bath only to return to my project--you guessed it--on fire. The ENTIRE sage bundle had burned to nothing but ashes including the twine holding it together! Luckily, the project burned in the best way possible, looked rad, was super SUPER stinky AND my apartment didn't burn down! My apartment, even after two weeks, still smells like a camp fire.

Was Hecate watching?


I like to think so anyway. ;)


Until next time, my Pretties--

Much Joy and Merry Making!


Samantha said...

Awesome awesome awesome ..... speechless.
I adore working with Hecate and your veil is just what I would imagine wearing for my Oracle & Tarot Readings. Oh joy. Thank you.
Can you teach me how to make one ;)

Brightest Blessings

Anna said...

Seeing the veil in action it is far from smelling and boring. It is gorgeous.

I adore the little socks you made for your dreaming goddess.

As always, in absolute awe.
Looking forward to thrifting.

Indigo Turtle Toes said...

Glad to see you updating again :) The veil looks awesome.

3rdEyeMuse said...

both pieces are SO INSPIRED! I adore the earthiness of The Most Wonderful Dream - colors, fibers & the position of the figure ... and the VEIL ... simply from seeing it makes me want to touch it, so learning that you want this to be an interactive piece makes it that much better. I'm glad the goddess decided to take an active part in its creation. :)

Shell said...

I got some serious magic chills by looking at your Hecate veil. It is magnificent. I'm sure in person it just vibrates with power.
And your Dream Time piece. I can feel the waves of time and space being created by The Goddess.
Your art is truly magical.

Genie Sea said...

Ohhh! Spooky and intriguing! The veil is like a character on it's own. It transforms whoever wears it. Your work always has a certain mystical magic to it.

I love the Creation Dream Catcher. As I read and gazed a play around it formed in my head :)


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