Full Moon Dream Board: Up and At 'EM

The semester is in full mid-term swing and I'm busy making travel preparations for our spring break excursion this weekend! A foggy evening in the midst of total madness--perfect for stealing a moment to whip up a dream board and make a Full Moon wish!

This cycle I am asking the Universe for The Juice: the up-and-at-'em serum! To spring out of bed rested, and ready to make the devil shake and say, "S**t! She's awake!" I am asking to become a Great Slayer of To Do Lists. I'm asking for the TIME and resources to pour into the projects that need my attention. In these next few weeks, I want not only to go with the flow, but be in Love with the flow-- waltz cheek to cheek with the flow-- and make the whole breezy affair look easy. ;) Shall we dance?

***Merry Full Moon, Friends!***

Until next time--

Much Joy, Many Blissings.~*


Jamie said...

With a juicy request like that, how can the Flow resist? Enjoy your March romance :)

todayandeveryday said...

I love what you are asking for. . . it has me pumped up and it is only 6 a.m!
Go get 'em, girl

Genie Sea said...

Your dreamboard is so full of JUICY splendor!

May you be filled with all the energy and power this moon engenders to be and do all and more! :)

Bohemian Single Mom said...

Arghh!!! I forgot again!
Your dreamboard is soooo awesome!
So much energy here! I love it, and mustn't forget next month!

Danette said...

Simply succulent!

Pour some of that energy on me, it looks divine.

Enjoy the fullness and the flow,


Amber said...

Wow. Beautiful dreamboard. It's so full of energy and life. Life, Laugh, Love.

Shell said...

Merry Moon to you, Molly. A lovely dreamboard. I love you asking to be The Great Slayer of To Do Lists. I'm going to try later to dance under the moonlight. Very happy you love Sleepy Hollow too.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

The energy of your post made me smile all the way through it. :)

I want some of that too please. :D

P.S: my word verification includes "pida" which in Spanish is "ask for" Cool.

Melissa said...

I'm eating up the way you write. Yum. And what you write is even more delicious!

~May I have another~

indigo goddess arts said...

molly it's beautiful. we had a very foggy night and no moon to see. Here's to you springing out of bed rested and staying on top of those to do lists. You go girl!!!!!

Tiara said...

I love the masked being in the middle! May your juicy dreams come true :)

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

What sacred and wonderful things to dream of. May your dreams come true.


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