Gypsy Chronicles: Pittsburgh + Philidelphia + D.C.

Me becoming better aquainted with a tree in a Pittsburgh park...

Hello Friends! I have returned from my wanderings with empty pockets, aching feet, a camera full of pictures and best of all--brimming with new ideas! It was five days full of paint, pavement and big ass sandwiches! Here are just a few of the many highlights from the Spring Break Train Extravaganza!:


Philadelphia: Washington D.C. :
Now, onto other business!
12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women:
Secret 11: Subtracting Serenity Stealers
This last week McMeekin asks us to hone in on what it is that distracts us and zaps our energy, as well as gain a better understanding of our creative style. When I reviewed the list of Burn Out Warning Signs I had to giggle—welcome to University Life. However, I did find the Body Signals challenge, in which you identify how your body reacts to intense stress, to be extremely helpful. So often we wait until it’s too late before we pay attention to what Body is telling us! Personally, when I am overbooked or overwhelmed I begin biting my fingernails. I nibble them down the wick almost manically. Now I know that this is one of my Burn Out red lights—when I start biting, it’s time for a break!
McMeekin also introduces the Magic Wand, a tempting instrument that allows you to envision what your life would be like without unnecessary stressors. What would we wiggle our noses, tap with a wand and Poof! say Good Bye to? My list of expendable pressures took up an entire page of loose leaf. I know what that means:
It’s time to prioritize and Bibbity Boppity Boo, Bitch.

What unneeded distractions and demands would you erase with your wand?
Until Next Time,
Merry Making and Many Blissings, Friends!~*


Dream With the Fishes said...

YESSSS!!!! Woohoo! Congratulations to you on 2 months smoke-free! Oh so good for you! It's great to be doing this together!

Genie Sea said...

Hugs! Just popped in to say Welcome Back! I missed you! :) Your vacation sounds awesome :)

Shell said...

Glad you enjoyed your vacation and are now filled with ideas. My favorite quote for the night:Bibbity Boppity Boo, Bitch.
Also, I have a picture of me hugging a tree to. I have to post it soon on my blog.

3rdEyeMuse said...

you're photo's are absolutely incredible! love, love, love your viewpoint. :)

hmmm ... the need to watch a clock & working for a paycheck. kind of boring, but true just the same. thank goodness there's life outside of those hours. :)

ps - glad you had such a great trip.

Dia said...

Thanks for sharing those photos - what a delightful vingette of your vacation!! & 2 months? YOU ROCK, woman!! Love that magic wand - as a self-employed person - I am zapping doing taxes!! Can't I just estimate the same percentage off that I sent to Unkle last year & be done with them?? Don't mind paying them - just doing the paperwork!!

Bohemian Single Mom said...

Really, really awesome post to come and read after having a couple weeks of hell!
Love the pics!

Indigo Turtle Toes said...

Aw I love the picture of you hugging a tree, it's so awesome!


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