Princess of Pentacles: Opportunities

Today Lake Michigan was sparkling and the breeze was full of buzz! It was energizing to walk the lake front with no mittens and no fear of loosing fingers to frostbite. I've just returned from a reference photo shoot which went incredibly well--the girls I'm muraling for are hilarious! I'm taking their portraits and transforming them into post apocalyptic pixies. These kids are punk rock--one of them requested both a tiara and a machine gun. LOVE IT. Tank Girl Forever! But the weather and the girls only contributed to other giddiness...

Since receiving my tarot deck I've been familiarizing myself with it by drawing a card every morning. Today I drew the Prince of Pentacles. He represents messages for business opportunities and expansion. So how thrilled was I when I schlepped over to my inbox with my coffee to see a nice BIG sale, a response for my workshop classroom rental AND the opportunity of a life time?? I've been asked to serve as the secretary for WARN (Womens Artist Resource Network). It's a brand-spankin'-new organization in Milwaukee designed to provide networking services, high profile show opportunities and create support systems for working female artists and the next generation of creative women in the city. Holy Moly!

[Insert Snoopy Dance Here]

I'm electrified and TERRIFIED: I'm 20 years old, I know s*** about s***, and am selling cupcake paintings out of my apartment like a gypsy. I haven't even graduated yet!! You really want me to help you build this thing? I'm In!!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to explode.

Grow little Wish, Grow!!~*


Bridget said...

That is so AWESOME! good luck with the WARN show, thing.

Shell said...

Age is nothing but a number. It's the heart and what you do it with that matters. Obviously they ladies at warn know what they are doing. Congrats on this and all the other good stuff rolling in!!

sandy said...

YaY for you Molly- may it keep coming your way!!!!

Genie Sea said...

Oh darling you are way beyond your age years on this planet. You are a SUPER NOVA! :)

Congratulations! I know you will do brilliantly. :)

Anna said...

Hot damn! That is too amazing! I can't begin to tell you how happy and excited I am for you.

Sending you love!


P.S.....psst... *you're 21* :)...Where has the time gone?

Bohemian Single Mom said...

Do you even know how much you totally ROCK!!!

Go Molly!

Lisa said...

Isn't it funny. When we're 20, we say "I'm only 20 and I don't know..." and then at my age, we say, "but I'm 43 freakin years old." We give ourselves a real short window of opportunity to feel perfect for the job. lol Go for it! You are awesomeness!

CynthiaMarie said...

Congratulations sweet one!! I'm so impressed! You sound awesome!!
Yeppers, you're already in the groove!
Big smiles :) :)


Melissa said...



Indigo Turtle Toes said...

Molly you're the coolest!
Sorry I couldn't make it out to celebrate :C


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