Introducing: Creative Gravy!

The first Creative Gravy Workshop is a Go-Go! (Check out the butterfly badge below or on the sidebar to visit the Gravy blog home. ) The space is booked, the promo pamphlets and posters are being printed as we speak, and now we patiently wait for the ladies to sign up!

I must give one giant she-bear hug to all you goddesses in the blogosphere! Without your precious feedback and heartfelt support, this wouldn't have been possible. You truly are magick makers. From my heart to yours--

Much Joy, Many Blissings & Merry Making!~*


Shell said...

Wonderful!! I think it's so cool you have created your own workshop and share what you know to others! Wow, you have inspired me to get some ideas I have percolating to make concrete.
I love the butterfly badge. I know this is going to be a success and the first of many more Creative Gravy workshops to come. I am proud of you, Molly.

todayandeveryday said...

Yes, yes! Happy Dance Happy Dance!!!

Bohemian Single Mom said...

Yay for you!!!
That is such gorgeous butterfly art ~ fresh & inspiring!

So glad to have crossed paths with you in the blogosphere - you ROCK!!

Genie Sea said...

HUGS! YOU ROCK THE PLANET! Congrats! :) I left you some love there, and I;m your first follower! Shazam! :)

Anna said...

**giant-she-bear hugs**

As always, I am indescribably happy for you. I am proud to have such a force of nature for a sister!

**more giant-she-bear hugs**

Merry Writings

magicalmuse said...

That sounds like so much fun! And I love the questions you answered for people too like not being called on and such. I think it will be a success.

Pamela said...

Congratulations on the workshop!

I've enjoyed reading your blog so much, I just had to give you this:


;) Thank you for inspiring me!

Melissa said...

Congrats!!!! YIPPEE!!!! Love the badge and the name is fantabulous! Mmmmm....gravy.

~You are Magick~

jennlui said...

oh yay YAY yay molly!!! it's a go go go!!! fabulous!!! i wish for you a PACKED room full of eager beaver goddesses wanting to mix it up and create some fabulous gravy!!!

ya ya ya!!! hee hee!!!
it's SO awesome that you are all set and have put this out into the universe, women need strong magical women like you molly!!! you are SO full of inspiration, it'll be a HIT!!!

peace and love


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