Mermaid Dream: The Magic of Prostetics

Just popping in for a tid-bit of a post! I had to share this magickal story with you if you haven't already seen it! I thought my mermaid sisters in the blogosphere would want to celebrate this!

Read the Story:

Effects Shop Fufills Amputee Mermaids Dream!

Click on the Pic for the video!

So Stunning!

Wishing you all Sweet Sea Dreams!~*


Shell said...

A sweet story. Thank for sharing. Now, she is a real mermaid.

indigo goddess arts said...

Thank you!! What a beautiful story. xoxo

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Lovely story! Yay for New Zealand! Yay for Weta Studios!! They are just so cool!!!! Thankyou for sharing this.

Auntie Leva said...

Auntie Leva here! Bean's is crazy about the mermaid as every six year old should be.
Couldn't stop reading your blog. Fantastic! Now I'll finally be able to see what you are up to! Wonderful night with Sparky tonight. All is healing between us. Is Luna still available for sale?

Genie Sea said...

Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing :) Hugs!

DarklyFey said...

That made me squee. :)

todayandeveryday said...

Oh that was so wonderfully uplifting. . . the kind of "tales" we need more of.

Lissa said...

As a mermaid moon goddess, this brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing:)


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