Thank You: Getting to Roots

I'd like to begin with a Thank You:

Great Thanks to each and everyone of you who managed to wade through the mire of my latest ranting to offer support, constructive energy, sweet thoughts and encouraging vibrations. I feel as though when I experience a victory, each of us experiences a victory. I am truly blessed to have met each of you through your inspiring writings and beautiful work in this corner of the Universe. You are magick makers.

Much Love and Light to all of you.~*
Brigid Altar 2008 Mixed Media. By Molly Roberts

It was quite a weekend. In the last 72 hours there have been some BIG changes in the Molly Cosmos:

Firstly, I have changed my major. In the past few weeks, I couldn't seem to figure out why I was feeling such crippling anxiety and frustration with my art education courses. I'd been avoiding completing my observations and have begun biting my fingernails down to the wick. I had a lightbulb moment. It occured to me that I had a passion for children and their imagination, but never really had a passion to teach. I felt as though I had to teach in order to survive. I confused my joyfull and candid experiences with my tutoring students as humanlings with an enthusiasm for teaching. I had been lead to believe that a fine arts degree for "fine art's sake" was frivilous and self indulgent. I've arrived at the conclusion that this wholly false. I TOO can build a career on my skills.

I'm good at Paint.
Paint makes me happy.
I'm going to do it.
I'm getting back to my roots.

Secondly, the first Creative Gravy Workshop is almost full! Of the initial 20, only 5 seats are left with 2 weeks to go! I'm currently booking my second workshop for April and scouting new venues in the area. I also recieved an offer to facilitate the workshop for an interior design firm in the area. Hooray!

And Finally, with some Help from my folks and siblings I've been given a boost. With a generous loan from the Bank'o Love (which has an impeccable interest rate by the way) I now have the cushion I need to book spaces for art fairs and workshops and get back on my feet. I am blessed to have a tribe that is so willing to invest in me. I won't let you down!

I also recieved a call back for a job! I'm scheduled for an interview this week!

Doll Machine Gallery is a go-go.

I am feeling the movement!
This goddess is getting back into her groove. :)
Let's hope these winds of change keep filling the sails!

What's new in your world?

Gentle Breezes, Friends!~*


June said...

Hello Molly, so good to see you worked out the right thing for you. I love your work and would adore the workshops if i lived there. Good luck with it all and keep on being you ... being who we are is what counts.
Hugs June x

Anna said...

Always here for you, love. I know you will be dedicated and successful in whichever direction you choose to go or where ever life takes you. You are a force of nature.

Well wishes and gentle breezes for you as well.

Much love.

Sheila said...

GOOD for you! Celebrating your 'lift' with you...

Genie Sea said...

Wow! What an amazing transformation! I shower you with congratulations and well-wishes! I knew you could do it all, just the way you want to.

Dream With the Fishes said...

Yay!! I'm sooooo happy for you! That is so true that a victory for one is a victory for all. Reading about the way everything's falling into place gracefully for you gives me so much hope and faith that if we're following our hearts, the Universe will respond favorably. Brightest Blessings!

Shell said...

WONDERFUL!! I love when sometimes you feel at your wit's end, that you get a boost in all unexpected areas to help you move forward.
One of my few regrets, I don't have that many. I major in English in minor in Drama. I wish I just been a Drama Major. My mom wanted me to have something to "fall back" on. I'm glad your switching your major.
Things are humming along in the Molly cosmos. I'm happy to hear that my friend.

Indigo Turtle Toes said...

I'm glad you seem to be feeling better. It's really nice to hear you so full of courage and inspiration. I'm glad I got to hang out this weekend. Sorry again that I was running so late.

Bohemian Single Mom said...

Isn't it such a great feeling when things seem to be finally falling into place?
I admire you so. You have such a great inspiring attitude.

And thanks for your awesome support on my "blog-stalker" blog!


jennlui said...

oooohhhhh awesome molly!!! i just knew things would work out for you, as like i have said before, you have such immense and magical talent and vision for your art... you always blow me away!!! to hear this is so fabulous!!! yay yay yay!!! go go go girrrlllll!!!

wishing you the very VERY best!!!

peace and love


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