Pleasant Surprises: Goddess Tarot

My brain has been throughly milk-shake-afide after hours and hours of reviewing syllabus after syllabus, but luckily my evening class has been canceled and I am now left to my own devices. :) And that's a good thing since I have a new toy to play with! I love getting packages in the mail and I love artwork--so imagine my joy when my tarot deck finally arrived on my doorstep! Yippie!

It's the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr and I'm loving it. The illustrations are rich and imaginative yet still full of symbolism that help trigger retrieval, making readings a breeze. I'm also a sucker for new and interesting representations of goddesses from all over the globe. My only criticism of the deck is the flatness of the stave suit--I know you can only do so much with sticks, but the cards get a little homogeneous for me. That and there is a drawing of a lion with its legs bending in the wrong direction-- like knees instead of elbows. If you're a internationally renowned illustrator, you think you'd be able to Google a picture of a lion to double check anatomy. But that's the art snob in me being picky...

All nit picking aside, I'm excited to get back in the swing of reading. I used to be adamant about it--maybe even good at it--until my deck went "missing". (A friend "borrowed" it without asking, or telling me. I was more embarrassed for her than anything. I didn't even really want them back after that. It just seemed like bad Juju...) It just took me a long time to find a deck that was appropriate, something that jived, one that I was excited about and this one was IT! While thumbing through the cards I thought to myself, "I could do this..." and was instantly whisked away to La La Land thinking about cups and queens and lace collars and--
I think I've found my summer project! :)

Anyone else been sprinkled with pleasant surprises?


Bohemian Single Mom said...

It's beautiful! And I've never seen that particular deck of Tarot!
Ohhh, I bet you were so relieved your class was cancelled at the most perfect time!
Enjoy getting to know your cards!

jennlui said...

oh yes!!! the goddess tarot is indeed a beautiful deck, one of my favorites!!! my all time favorite deck is the tarot of a moon garden... it's so colorful and beautifully illustrated!!!

actually i just received a tarot deck in the mail too... i got the mother peace tarot deck. very interesting one... it's round and focuses on women though the ages and cultures, very tribal vibe to it... haven't played with it much yet... but look forward to exploring it.

have fun getting acquainted with your new deck!!! since you have some more time now!!! yay to classes getting canceled, especially evening ones... wishing you a great start to your new semester!!!

peace and love

Anna said...

What a rare thing- a convenient cancellation! Happy explorations, Mo!

Sacred Suzie said...

That deck looks perfect for you! The colours and look is just your style I think. I can't believe she stole your cards, wow, that is bad juju in a big way!

I'm glad you liked the photos for my stock post, food photos are tough! Glad these ones worked and OMG, so yummy. Your Muffin is lucky to have you making homemade soup for him when he's sick.


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